Trellix Email Security

Comprehensive email protection to catch what other solutions miss.

SE Labs awards Trellix Best Email Security Service of the year for comprehensive email protection against advanced threats.

Executive Summary
Product Tested Protection Accuracy Rating Legitimate Accuracy Rating Total Accuracy Rating Total Accuracy Rating (%) Award
Trellix Email security 4,700 1,090 5,790 100% AAA
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 3,800 1,100 4,900 84% AAA
WithSecure Email Security 2,545 800 3,345 58% A
Google Workspace Enterprise 1,800 1,090 2,890 50% B
Mailcow Open Source Solution 1,500 1,080 2,580 44% B

The SE Labs email security test involves a rigorous testing process using a tough methodology to test vendors against campaigns currently active in the threat space. To achieve a rating of 100% is not an easy feat and is a testament to the team at Trellix and the product's effectiveness against today’s active email security threats.
-Simon Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, SE Labs

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  • Adaptive threat protection
    Stop multi-staged campaigns using multi-layered detection techniques such as advanced URL defense, attachment detonation, deferred phishing detection.
  • Integrated investigation and response
    Accelerate investigation with prioritized alerts enriched with contextual insights and automatically extract emails weaponized post‑delivery.
  • Flexible and Resilient
    Choose integrated cloud email security (ICES) or secure email gateway (SEG) deployment to fit your unique environment. 99.995% availability ensures continuous protection.


Protection against threats that others miss

Multilayered detection powered by cutting-edge machine learning, artificial intelligence, and security analytics provides unparalleled defense against multi-stage campaigns.

Integrated Investigation and Response

Automatically extract emails weaponized post-delivery. Rich metadata to inform incident response. Stream rich metadata to Trellix DR correlate email alerts with existing security controls.

Flexible deployment options

Deployed a secure email gateway (SEG) or integrated cloud email security (ICES) solution provide rapid and seamless API integration to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Trusted, resilient email security

Carrier-grade resilient providing 99.995% availability. Active-active AWS deployment and FedRAMP Moderate certification.

Email Confidently

Email continues to be the most successful cyberattack vector. Over 90% of attacks begin with phishing. Stop ransomware, business email compromise, spear phishing, and impersonation.

From the Trellix Advanced Research Center

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