GenAl Powered Hyper Automation for Cybersecurity

Virtual Summit 2024

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June 26, 2024
10am PT / 1pm ET


27 June 2024
9:30am IST / 12pm SGT / 2pm AEST


27 June 2024
9am BST / 10am CEST

Do you investigate every alert you receive? Of course not. Missed threats, growing alert volume, and burned out analysts – today’s teams typically investigate only 10% of their alerts and take an average of 16 days to detect an attack. Meanwhile, costs are skyrocketing. For many, the result is an exhausted workforce and weakened cybersecurity posture.  

How do you gain control? You need to level up. You need all your alerts to get a level 1 investigation in under 3 minutes, hyper automation that gives every analyst the power of 5x productivity, and threat intelligence that pulls from petabytes of data. You need GenAI powered hyper automation that stitches together analysis across all security controls and makes good decisions you can understand and trust. That’s how you relieve alert fatigue, discover and remediate stealthy threats, and lower the cost and skill set required to stop these attacks.

Unlock your sixth sense for cybersecurity. Join us at the GenAI Powered Hyper Automation for Cybersecurity Virtual Summit to learn how your organization can:

  • Automatically ensure 100% of your alerts are quickly triaged, scoped, and assessed

  • Enable security analysts to rapidly pivot from responses to prevention to keep more threats out and save 8 hours of work for every 100 alerts

  • Deliver real-time threat intelligence leveraging 68 billion queries a day from >100 million endpoints

  • Deliver 50% reduction in MTTD and MTTR


Chuck Lerch Headshot
Chuck Lerch


John Morgan Headshot
John Morgan

GM for XDR

Ashok Banerjee Headshot
Ashok Banerjee


Harold Rivas Headshot
Harold Rivas


Martin Holste Headshot
Martin Holste

CTO for Cloud & AI

Zak Krider Headshot
Zak Krider

Director, Strategy & AI

Dr. Lili Ana Headshot
Dr. Lili Ana

CISO Transformation Lead


Welcome and Opening Remarks: Securing the Enterprise to Ensure Resilient Business Operations
Dr. Lili Ana, CISO Transformation Lead, Trellix

Cutting Through the Hype - Defining the Role of AI, Automation and GenAI in Security
John Morgan, GM for XDR at Trellix

Hyper Automation and Cybersecurity
Ashok Banerjee, CTO, Trellix

Using Trellix Wise with Trellix Helix Connect: A Customer Perspective
Chuck Lerch, CXO, Cyberuptive
Harold Rivas, CIO, Trellix

See It in Action - Hyper Automation and AI-Powered XDR
Martin Holste, CTO for Cloud & AI, Trellix
Zak Krider, Director, Strategy and AI, Trellix

Closing Keynote
Speaker, Description TBD

Closing Remarks
Dr. Lili Ana, CISO Transformation Lead, Trellix