AI and Security Operations

Revolutionize your SOC with AI-powered speed, adaptive threat insights, and AI-guided investigations.

Connect the dots on threats to stop attacks before they happen

Today’s SOC has no shortage of data. The challenge is connecting threat data to control policies and supporting constrained analysts so they can act with AI-boosted insights on your biggest vulnerabilities — and shut down threats at machine speed.

Trellix accelerates your journey to adaptive security operations with AI

Trellix accelerates your SOC maturity from reactive fire-fighting to an adaptive, threat driven-approach. Get out of chaos mode with AI models based on the industry’s best threat intelligence, operationalized via the leading XDR platform.

The Trellix advantage

  • Accelerate your SOC capability and maturity with the AI-powered Trellix XDR Platform.
  • Gain the broadest perspective on the threat landscape with over 3,000 threat campaigns analyzed and correlated through curated intelligence.
  • Speed detections and responses by leveraging the industry’s best threat intelligence foundation combined with playbooks and orchestrations.
  • Operationalize threat intelligence through threat modeling, control posture updates, deep AI-guided Investigations, and AI-powered responses.

Thanks to Trellix Insights, we can confidently answer questions from upper management such as ‘Are we protected against this?’ It helps us focus on what to do next and informs our cybersecurity strategy.”

— Karsten L, CISO at SMS Group

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