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Deepak Dalvi

Deepak Dalvi

VP, Product Management, Endpoint

Deepak heads the Product Management teams for Endpoint and Datacenter security portfolios at Trellix. He has over 20 years of experience and is passionate about building cybersecurity products in Endpoint Security, Datacenter and cloud security space. He has a proven track record of building high efficacy detections, AI and ML based detection models, comprehensive investigation, and remediation workflows. He has worked for both innovative start-ups and established global technology companies. Most recently he was Senior Director of Product Management at Lacework, a cloud security platform. Prior to Lacework he held Product leadership roles at Aqua Security and Symantec. He is also very passionate about working with customers to simplify and automate the security jobs in their organization, proponent of API first and automation strategies for building a strong partner ecosystem for security products.

He holds a MSIT (Cybersecurity) from University of Massachusetts Boston, USA and a prior Masters in computer science with specialization in scientific computing from Pune University, India.

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